Already on the market?

If your home is already on the market, you may need to defer marketing your property with Canalside Homes until your present agreement comes to an end. Check your contract and read on to find out how we can help.

Why market your property with Canalside Homes?

  • Reach a new audience by tapping into our specialist marketing channels, our mailing lists, and our register of motivated buyers.
  • Sheridan’s unique approach and knowledge of narrowboats and canalside property will appeal to buyers looking for canal specific information.
  • Take a look at our wide range of marketing methods. Does your current agent offer them all?

You may want to instruct Canalside Homes, but also stay with your current estate agent (which we completely understand). This may be because you value your relationship with them, or because you want to take advantage of their local positioning. If this is the case we will do our utmost to cooperate with your local agent amicably.


Managing your sale through two agents can be more stressful, and there may be complications, especially if the estate agents do not have a good rapport with each other. For example, you will need to be more careful to avoid double booking of viewings, there may be conflicting information, and it will be difficult to compare any competing offers. For this reason we do not accept multi agency (competitive) agreements, and we don’t believe them to be in your best interests.

We can offer two practical options:


In a joint sole agency agreement, the commission is shared between two agents. When Canalside Homes is instructed as a joint sole agent, we provide our usual premium service, therefore we require a minimum commission of 0.75%, or a minimum fee of £3,500, whichever is the greater. 

You will need to negotiate your agreement with the other agent separately. When your property is sold, you will pay both agents their fees, regardless of whose client buys the property.


You can buy our fixed fee service (when your present agreement ends, or now if your present agreement allows it). Our fixed fee is not refundable if you sell through another agent. 

If you choose this option you should check your contract with the other agent, as you may need to pay their fees, even if your property is sold through Canalside Homes.


I hope that you’ve found this information helpful. If you’d like to discuss your options further, please give me a call on 07891 718211 or register your interest with no obligations.