Newsletter 5 – a new Buyers’ service I get many calls and messages from people looking for canalside homes, and the registrations on my website and facebook group keep rising […]
The best canalside villages in Britain Two of the questions I am asked the most are, “Which canalside villages are the prettiest?” and of course, “Which is the best canalside […]
The History of Kings Lock Cottage, Aylestone (Part 2) The Second Lock Keeper, George King, 1851 – 1891 The story of Kings Lock Cottage (continued from Part 1) introduces the […]
Canalside Villages in France – Canal de Nantes à Brest Are you looking for a canalside home in France? I am starting this new series with the best canalside villages […]
Newsletter 4 – canalside property auctions Hello again! I hope you’re enjoying the little bursts of sunshine between the showers? I’ve taken advantage of the wind and rain over the […]
Newsletter 3 – my 60th birthday and my first month in business This week I celebrated my 60th birthday, and what a memorable year it will be! One of the […]
The History of Kings Lock Cottage, Aylestone (Part 1) Kings Lock Cottage stands at Lock 38 on the canal we now know as the Leicester Line of the Grand Union […]
My husband and I enjoying a windy Wiltshire walk this week
Well, what week I’ve had! I’ve been really busy, with three properties on my books already, over 400 people on my mailing list, and over 4000 people to look after […]
I am delighted to inform you that Canalside Homes is finally up and running! I have been incredibly busy behind the scenes in recent weeks, setting up software, fulfilling regulatory […]
I’d like to begin this update by expressing my heartfelt thanks to all my ‘virtual’ friends. I could never have got this far without your support, whether you’re one of […]
I first worked as an estate agent in Brighton and Hove, back in the 1980s. I was newly married, full of energy, and brimming with passion and confidence. It was […]
Ever since I first worked as an estate agent in the 1980s I have been staggered by the meaningless jargon, unrealistic descriptions, and glaring mistakes I find in estate agent’s […]
For quite some time now, we have been sponsoring a little girl in Bangladesh through Action Aid. She’s still too young to send letters, but we occasionally receive one of […]
One of your first challenges when selling a property is interpreting, agreeing to, and signing your estate agent’s contract. This can be quite a daunting process, but with understanding, you […]
In December 2018, soon after I launched Canalside Homes, I wrote to the Canal and River Trust asking them whether I could list any properties which they were disposing of. […]