Frequently Asked Questions

About Canalside Homes

Canalside Homes is a bespoke residential sales agency for canalside properties across the canal network of England and Wales. Owner Sheridan Parsonslaunched Canalside Homes in 2021, having spent the previous three years running her website as a passionate hobby. As a canal aficionado who has owned three narrowboats over the years, she is uniquely placed to assist buyers looking for that perfect home, perhaps a lock keeper’s cottage, or a house with a mooring. She brings her unique brand of enthusiasm and knowledge to every property she sells, with the added benefit of local and family history research to inspire potential buyers. She offers a comprehensive service for sellers, including everything you would expect from a good high street agent and more.

How do I contact Canalside Homes?

You can contact Sheridan via any of the contact details which you’ll find at the top of every page.

Can I list a property on this website?

Sorry, we only list properties for our clients.

Do you list land by the canal?

Yes, when we can. Unfortunately in our experience canalside land is rarely available and never a bargain. Most plots are either brownfield development sites (often with an element of demolition), or large agricultural estates. Where small plots do come onto the market they are rarely suitable for mooring. Waterways authorities are unlikely allow a mooring unless the property has established historical rights, or where there is end of garden status. Mooring may be precluded if the land is on the towpath side, on a bend, near a bridge or lock, requires excavation or dredging, or has mature trees at the water’s edge. If you do find a site, you will still need to pay the CRT for a permit (normally 50% of a similar benchmark site). As an alternative, we suggest looking at the CRT’s Waterside Moorings website, which offers a wide selection of line and pontoon moorings.

Can I add my story to Canalside Life?

Yes! We welcome stories from all sorts of homes, from lock keeper’s cottages to new builds. We love the variety, and we can guarantee that what seems ordinary to you, will feel aspirational and inspiring to our readers! It’s also a great opportunity to promote your social media or canalside business, if you have one. If you would like to take part, simply get in touch with Sheridan. She will send you a list of 20 questions as a guided interview. You don’t have to answer them all, and you can go off on a tangent a much as you like. Don’t worry about crafting your replies into an article – we will do this for you. You will also need to supply two landscape photographs to illustrate the article. 

Caveat Emptor

Buyers should check the veracity of any details on this website, and must take proper legal advice. Note that moorings are subject to the permission of the relevant waterway authority (e.g. the Canal & River Trust or the Environment Agency) and permission may be refused or withdrawn at any time, regardless of previous history.