I work with my partners Gazeal to smooth the buying and selling process, save time, and reduce the chance of gazumping, gazundering, or transactions that fail to exchange. Gazeal  is directly licensed by the Law Society and is bringing about a long overdue change to the house buying and selling processHere’s how it works:

Step 1 – the Buyer’s Information Pack

  • The Seller can prepare a ‘Buyer’s Information Pack’ as soon as Canalside Homes is instructed, right at the start, before their solicitor asks for it, and before marketing commences.
  • The pack is hosted securely with Gazeal. This service is free. The pack always contains Land Registry Title Documentation, Fixtures, Contents, and Property Information forms (called TA forms). Other documents can go in the pack, such as boiler servicing, damp warranties, planning permissions, etc. The more information the better!
  • If the Seller needs any assistance, I can help them to complete the information or scan and upload their documents to the pack.
  • Before committing to the deal, the Buyer can review all of this property information free of charge, using a private web link sent to them by us. This allows them to make an informed, realistic offer.
  • The Seller can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that the any offers they receive are serious and properly considered.
  • Once an offer is agreed, the Buyer and the Seller instruct the solicitors or conveyancers of their choice, and I send the Buyer’s Information Pack digitally to both parties on the same day, saving weeks on your transaction.

Step 2 – the Reservation Agreement

I also offer a higher level of certainty to my clients by offering a Reservation Agreement through Gazeal . Our system stops either party from walking away or attempting to renegotiate the price after an offer is accepted. Here’s how:

  • Once the offer has been agreed, both Buyer and Seller show their commitment to the deal by paying the appropriate reservation fee, and signing a reservation agreement.
  • If the seller wishes, signing this agreement can be stipulated as a condition which must be met before a property is formally withdrawn from the market.
  • The compensation levels range from £2,000 to £20,000. They are usually chosen to reflect the value of the property. The reservation fee at the lower end of the scale is completely affordable. It is usually shared by the Buyer and Seller, but it can be paid in full by one party – the choice is yours.
  • Both parties are bound by the terms of the agreement. If either party withdraws and breaks the agreement then the innocent party is entitled to the agreed compensation payment.
  • Both parties enjoy security and peace of mind that the transaction is secure.

Bryan Mansell, Gazeal’s Co-Founder and CEO, explains the system in more detail in the videos below.

For Buyers

For Sellers